Enterprise visualization and transformation using Labnaf

By Alain De Preter Founder of Labnaf | Orsolya Nemeth Consultant & Trainer, Sparx Systems Central Europe

Labnaf is an innovative and highly automated solution for enterprise visualization and transformation. It seamlessly unifies numerous standards and best practices. One meaningful and actionable framework that scales. Customizable in a few clicks.

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There are some industry models for transport. We have more. Some are proprietary. But it would be good to collaborate on this. Since we can import and transform anything there is a lot of potential for industry-specific models.
You can schedule updates to your repository as you wish. For example, the Belgian Railways import application attributes from a CMDB.
Yes , The language transformer can transform any language e.g. ArchiMate, UML, BPMN.. to Labnaf AND VICE VERSA. YOU ARE NEVER LOCKED IN LABNAF.
Indeed, the Labnaf productivity tools work with ArchiMate 3.1 (a Labnaf implementation of it). Now, if you use ArchiMate in Labnaf you are not leveraging the entire process, viewpoints, documentation etc.... The fact that in ArchiMate, you don't have levels of detail will prevent you from implementing an entire process for driving transformations. That is one of the reasons why I created a language that brings precise semantics and that supports the entire process. But again, you can use ArchiMate as well. Labnaf will provide you with all the productivity tools.
For the ArchiMate implementation, that includes the ability to use the Labnaf Customization Workbench and the ability to create your metamodel in ArchiMate directly.
Here is some documentation about the Labnaf plateau. An element or connector (application, application component, data store, system software, flow...) might not having its AS-IS plateau ON for several reasons e.g. it is an envisioned application (e.g. a new SAP app that we will add in the future); Or it is currently under construction; or it is terminated.
The term "capability" is overloaded. For some it means an element in a functional taxonomy. For others it means a target capability that you use in capability roadmap like in SAFe.
Labnaf uses the words
  • capability as a target capability as in the scaled agile framework.
  • Enterprise functions as elements in the functional taxonomy (what the enterprise does, at different levels of detail). Enterprise function is a term I choose not only because it is self-explanatory but also because it is was not used.

What is important is the semantics!!!
Otherwise it is only drawing. And it is very hard to create charts and reports when the models are imprecise, and when they are not capable of representing levels of detail.
The concepts used in Labnaf are derived from

Based on the metamodel, Labnaf needed shapes and icons. So Labnaf reuses whatever is available, if it is available.
ArchiMate made a great job on colors, shapes and icons.
But Labnaf reuses from other languages as well.
By the way, ArchiMate does not have a metamodel. It says, in a matrix, that you can connect anything using almost any connector but it does say for what purpose.

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Alain De Preter

Founder of Labnaf

Alain De Preter is the founder of Labnaf, a software company helping its customers understand their organization, envision its future and plan transformations using multi-dimensional visualization, analysis and highly automated modeling software.

Orsolya Nemeth

Consultant & Trainer, Sparx Systems Central Europe

Responsible for Business Software (Model-Based) Solutions