Working with interactive documents

By Ian Mitchell Sparx partner, Model Expert and eaDocx Product Owner)

In this presentation, Ian will describe how to generate interactive Word documents from your EA models, and use them to automate your model updates.

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They are independent, but can obviously be connected through your governance process.
I'm not allowed to say much about the EA RTF generator. Put it this way, we have never had an eaDocX customer who has gone back to RTF.
The "audit" information I showed is optional, even in this version. The option to include all the feedback documents and save them in EA as well will be in the beta, and very much an option. And if you want to use EA Audit function, think very hard.
No, sorry. We’d recommend Prolaborate for that and here are some resources that will give you a good idea on Sparx Confluence integration:
and Youtube resources are
My session on Interactive Documents on Wednesday, I was explaining about the need to tailor documents to the needs of the reader. Later, when talking about collecting the feedback from multiple copies of a document, I explained that eaDocX checks to make sure that all copies are of the same version.
Some bright listener (thanks, whoever you are) spotted the opportunity.
We can send out documents with different (but overlapping) contents to different user groups, then collate their feedback together.
Because each of their documents now contains the details of the EA elements they are commenting on, we can still combine comments from different documents which contain the same element. So long as the different documents were printed from the same repository, at the same (ish) time, then the author will see a comment in document #1 about Component #123 next to a comment in a different document #2, also about Component #123. So long as Component #123 was in the same state when both documents were generated, then the comparison is valid
It's only by explaining stuff we think we already know to people who are hearing it for the first time that we get new insights.
So, thanks Nizam + Team for holding this event, and thanks to the questioner who put me straight. And the good news is that to implement this, all I have to do is disable some code!

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Ian Mitchell

Sparx partner, Model Expert and eaDocx Product Owner)

Ian is a Sparx partner who has been teaching and consulting in business analysis and architecture using EA for many years. He writes the EA extensions eaDocx and Model Expert.