Why EA sometimes fails?

By Jacek Woynarowski Business Solution Architect for insurance industry (1Repo)

Implementation of cae tools in companys sometimes fails. Why!? The answer is: less is more but do it wise!

I will show how EA and Prolaborate has changed my work and information exchange with business stakeholders. Right approach and usage of tools wisely can change everything.

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This is wider question, but simple answer is - I present allways actual version of truth of my mode.. and all changes are availalbe as a metrics for each object in LD.
Change management, and keeping track of versions is always a wider discussion, there are several approaches, however we have seen good success for most architecture practices with the inbuilt baselines and RAS. Except for firms working on Code generation from models (where you need a GIT or SVN), this has always worked. I did a video (quite basic) to show how to use Baselines and RAS in 15.1 (over a shared repository)

The video deosn't have a voice, i did my talk and used this during my presentation, however has some captions to help you understand (Baselines and RAS on shared repositories)

Yes, and I change the status as Implelemted. This is path to find out what was the reason of change. Now you can see actual model of working software, and all changes that are made upon the live of application. All of course is well categorised and each part has his own place.
The best way is to ask for demo licenses and try to work with, but you need to have some idea of how you want to work with your stakeholder
Nop, you just need to use EA to manage the infromation and then use (as the best) Prolaborate to populate it and engage ppl

there are a few tools that you can use like eaDocX to produce the information in MS Word shape but my experinece is that it's hard to wokrin long perspecive.. you'll back to the source.. MS Word as a artifact at the end of the project - day-by-day - Prolaborate + EA and JIRA as a project tool
For process flows - I'm using BPMN, for business overview - yes - Archimate works fine Edited

Labnaf provides Sparx EA users with a unified language based on systems semantics:http://www.labnaf.one/guidance/index.html?guid=D1744801-D8E6-4715-83DB-DED6C781B191

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Jacek Woynarowski

Business Solution Architect for insurance industry (1Repo)

Business Solution Architect for insurance industry, EAUG Poland FB group founder, EA and Prolaborate expert.