Sparx Systems, a year in review

By Tom O' Reilly Chief Operations Officer, Sparx Systems Pty Ltd

'Sparx Systems, a year in review' looking at the industry from us and our partners perspectives as well as what products and enhancements have been released over the past 12 months including EA 16.1 and EA SaaS.

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We have over 300 partners, trainers, consultants and VARs globally, and I love hearing from each. Feel free to drop me an email with what you see from your perspective.
I will check with the team and find out for you. It has been added to the tasks lists and failing any major issues, will be part of WebEA
I will raise it with the team. Seems like something that could fit well with the release.
Thanks very much for the prompt - 100% yes we plan to support SysML 2.0 in 17

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Tom O' Reilly