Sparx EA Service Excellence

By Nizam Mohamed Prolaborate Product Owner

A strong arm of EA support services around the globe makes deployment, rolling out, training , standardization and course correction easier than never before. Two case studies to be discussed where a small effort from EA expert set the course right for a wide architectural practice.

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Just looked up for ITAR modelling, iCouldn't find anything in Sparx side for ITAR support , but i can see this can be implemented with some efforts like we do for a normal Thick client deployment, All we need is a Profile (MDG) for ITAR and you should be ready to start
There isn't any restrictions for EA Addin in SaaS deployment . EA Addins can be configured and made it available in the deployment for readily usage
you can try the platform now, its already commercially available, please visit
No its no different to the thick client, we are combining the cloud platform to offer the same thick client via a browser
Our setup includes floating licenses and assets access as shown in the demo. the demo is also available in Youtube

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Nizam Mohamed

Prolaborate Product Owner