Sparx Cloud Architecture Platform including EA via AppStream

By Ryan Schmierer Director of Operations, SSNA. | Nizam Mohamed M Prolaborate Product Owner

Unleash the full power of the Sparx Architecture Platform as a managed service in the cloud.
  • Performance up to 3x faster than the EA desktop client.
  • No software to install or hardware to procure – can be set up and ready to use in less than a week.
  • Save on system administration costs – the experts at Sparx Services North America do hosting the configuration patching, upgrades, backups, and monitoring.
  • Migrate your existing on-premise Sparx repository and transfer your existing architecture data into a Hosted Sparx Architecture Platform in the cloud.

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Questions and Answers

Yes, the conventional mindset is a barrier, but the unprecedented effects of the pandemic has led digital transformation more effectively than any CXOs has ever done. The likes of Govt. and Financial institutions are moving to Cloud. ​ I must also add that the providers are also innovating rapidly, we have the Govt Cloud (AWS), and plethora of security features and monitoring systems to enable a highly robust, secure environment, this is also helping in mindset change. ​ Regarding your queries, AppStream is purely application hosting, but if your requirement is to integrate with printers or other assets in enterprise, there are even sophisticated options such as workspaces. Une another provider, Nutanix, has some incredible innovation that lets us integrate apps with other enterprise assets and also other software (MS Office, etc). Regarding licenses, the setup is no different to accessing your floating licenses from an in-house floating license manager, so, you should be able to fetch / release licenses pretty much the same way you do in a local environment
We may need to evaluate your deployment requirements, as it’s not a one-size fits all. Whilst there are basic cloud offerings pricing available in websites, you please reach out to SSNA ( or to discuss further.
As discussed during the presentation, these are things that our team will be constantly looking for and experimenting and testing in non-prod environments to make sure these updates are seamless.
​The costs depend on what’s the focus, there are deployments ranging from simple cloud instances to highly complex environment with numerous factors to meet compliance etc.
​It is possible. If the on-prem authentication server can allow connections from external cloud.
Different organizations have unique constraints. The Sparx cloud platform and streaming clients aren’t going to be a good fit for some organizations. But we are seeing many companies and government organizations that were resistant to cloud platforms in the past now embracing them. Most of the security challenges come from an on-premise way of thinking about applications and infrastructure. In some cases, the legacy policies aren’t applicable in the cloud. In other cases, cloud systems require re-thinking what security means and how to achieve it.
Yes, it will, as long as your app servers allow connectivity from an external cloud. AppStream will be hosted in a secure cloud environment in your region and it must have a https connectivity to your in-house App Servers. If this is possible, you can very well setup. We have seen some companies that restrict connections from the cloud to on premise data stores. It is still possible to make this work but may require some additional network configuration.
For most of the discussions we provide a variety of options and different packages (basic cloud with decent security, Gov Cloud grade security, Enterprise grade performance with HA, multi-zone deployment and utmost security, etc). It depends on what they ask for, we have modularized prices for each component, but whatever the options are it definitely works cheaper than having a similar setup in house and paying the people to maintaining it and the work stoppages arising due to this.
Cloud deployments are more cost-effective and less hassle compared to in house infrastructure, maintenance and overheads. Anyway, your cost savings will depend on what on-premise configuration you have today and how you been managing it.

Speaker Bio


Ryan Schmierer

Director of Operations, SSNA.


Nizam Mohamed M

Prolaborate Product Owner