Solution Architecture using Enterprise Architect

By Ian Mitchell Ability Engineering Ltd

Many of us need to manage multiple changes being developed by several projects working in the same EA model at the same time. But how can we maintain order, have clear version control, and avoid costly rework? Ian will review the available options and introduce a new approach for managing multiple projects in the same model, which also delivers insights to the wider business, with impact analyses and visibility of project dependencies. And he will demonstrate a time machine...

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Interesting idea. At the moment, the 'implement' stage - which I didn't show - will change the status to 'implemented', but leave th e elements where they are - in the staging package. So, you could easily put some 'implemented' elements somewhere else. I don't think PM needs to get involved with this - it's just how you want to manage your model
Language agnostic. I have tested with UML, Archimate and BPMN, and it all looks fine. Just elements and connectors
No git. Just EA
That's a more general EA question - Daniel is doing a session later today looking at Dev Ops and EA
It's all in the model - there is just a pair of date tagged values which Portfolio Manager sets for every element - 'start' and 'end'.
Thanks Takeshi - it will be great to have to using PM as well! Looking forward to your feedback. I think I will be adding lots more management and reporting function to the tool, as people use it more. I just coded a starter - set for now.

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Ian Mitchell

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