Service Now Integration with Sparx EA - Demo around APM and Knowledge Management use cases

By Ryan Schmierer Director of Operations, SSNA.

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Service now is SaaS IT Service Management platform built around the ITIL processes. Over the past decade they have emerged as the best in class software in that space. Discovery is an automation capability that is built into the Service Now platform to populate the CMDB with information about things that exist in the IT environment.
The demo we shared involved some additional transformation of the Service Now data. The SBPI connector enables limited access to parts of the Service Now schema. Lighting up these new scenarios requires us to expand the breadth in some cases as well as expose some additional attributes to enable the URL linking between systems.
What we have learned working with these two platforms over the past few years are that both Sparx and Service Now are very robust and versatile platforms. Between the two, there isn’t much you couldn’t do. The challenge is focusing in on specific high value use cases and scenarios for the organization. If we focus on solving specific problems, we will be able to deliver value faster and increase organizational impact
Yes, you can do this either by placing them on a diagram and mapping the association or if you have a meta model defined you can use a matrix view to map configuration items to application objects mastered in EA.
Yes, this is typically what is done. The demo was a bit of an over- simplification in order to focus on the ability to bring data over and then link back. We also didn’t get a chance to show the technical dependency relationships that we can bring over from service now. There are some companies that use discovery to capture CI data down to the IP address and port level. Depending on what type of architecture modeling you are trying to do, you may want more or less technical detail from service now and you may create different types of associations within EA.

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Ryan Schmierer

Director of Operations, SSNA.