Say Hello to CodeBot

By Doug Rosenberg Founder and CTO of Parallel Agile

Everyone’s familiar with introductory “Hello World” programs as a way to help you learn a new programming language. CodeBot generates and deploys web applications from UML models with virtually no programming (literally speaking, the model is the code). So what does “Hello World” look like when the code is a UML model?

  • Hello CodeBot is simple. There are only 3 webpages and 2 domain classes.
    But it illustrates many of the things you need to know to get started generating your own web apps.
  • Hello CodeBot is secure. It uses JSON web tokens (JWT) to provide secure access. Register and Login methods are automatically generated in the API and used by the generated React JS pages.
  • Hello CodeBot is rich media. It plays videos, uses image components and CSS stylesheets.
  • Hello Codebot is designed to be a starter model for your own web apps.
    You can use our pre-built Registration and Login pages, then build out your own web application by replacing our Home page. Figure 1 shows the application’s 3 pages; you can Register, Login and Play Videos (in this case, tutorials from our YouTube Channel).
  • Hello CodeBot is free to download. Each of these pages was 100% code generated from wireframes within the (free to download) UML model. You read that right, virtually no code was written manually to generate this web application. The single solitary piece of code initializes the video list with data and is embedded within the UML model. You can download the UML model and the MERN Stack web app in a zipfile, including database (Mongo), API (Node), API documentation (Swagger) and React JS pages, from our online process guide at:

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Doug Rosenberg

Founder and CTO of Parallel Agile