Using Sparx to rationalize your IT portfolio -APM use case involving Prolaborate

By Giuseppe Platania Principal Architect

Many IT leaders feel that, while their budget is growing, they cannot allocate enough resources toward innovation.

In this lecture we will show how the Sparx modeling platform can be used to identify the pain points of a portfolio, plan a road map and monitor it over time.

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Questions and Answers

100% pure Sparx Enterprise Architect, PCS and Prolaborate. Best practices and value accelerators are what makes the difference
Yes, it does. As discussed, the metamodel is only a baseline, to ensure fast tracking of the APM. It can be modified to express your exact situation
To keep it a simple as possible, the system supports any major databases
The EuroCom example is maintained as a single repository. In real scenarios we use the integration platform.

Speaker Bio


Giuseppe Platania

Principal Architect

Giu is a leader in modeling with a passion for translating logical concepts into tangible deliverables.