Putting EA at the heart of your business - it's more than adding users

By Ian Mitchell Ability Engineering Ltd

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I think so. But I'm biased. Seems to me that UML is the basic modelling skill set, and all other languages are built on top of it.
Yes - EA native to Excel = CSV export, but as discussed there is the Office MDG as well (plus eaXL in eaDocX)
I agree with your main point - time is needed to create useful models, and time=money. That's why I emphasise the idea of minimum viable model: do as little as possible and deliver something - however small - to show it can be done. But it's certainly hard to get buy-in to modelling at all.
Takeshi Kouno, it is always recommended to start at both EA and Prolaborate from the beginning as an EA expert you know we need to get feedback on the model we build with Prolaborate you include the stakeholders in the early phase. Nizam will share more insights in the later session.
Lots of super academic books by clever university people, who have never modelled on a budget, and aren't much use
It depends on what your usecaess are. Prolaborate focuses on Simplifying, curating and sharing model information to non-EA users. WebEA is focused on Modellers who quickly refer to model. Prolaborate is all about maximizing the value out of complex models (relationships, tags, etc) to build simple, intuitive views for stakeholders to participate in improving models, reviews, and collaboration. In terms of setup, are you referring to setting up the application in your servers? and I'm not sure what 'appears' easier but it’s a one-off setup, and Prolaborate support for SSO and other aspects are optional configurations, any organization who focus on security and enterprise-wide identity management has made SSO mandatory, and Prolaborate supports such integrations to make it truly enterprise grade. So are other integrations (with Jira, Confluence, etc), if you need them Prolaborate supports it, if not you can set it up pretty much like how you'd setup any other application.
no - it's an addin to the desktop version of EA
Hi Daniel, publishing tools in combination with collaboration tools help in having two-way engagement with audience. the collaboration tools (Prolaborate) allow users and modellers to have conversations on real-time models.
And the Revision Manager in eaDocX Collaboration edition provides an easy way for document review comments and edits to be integrated back into the model - if your stakeholders prefer to use documents
Ted, thanks for the query, the tools are driven by usecases, and with Modeling team investing significant time and efforts creating models, these tools will become highly relevant to maximize the value from the model. To set up these tools, it does require some infrastructure (like application servers, databases) but these are inevitable for any team who intend to share and collaborate together. And there are plenty of options to set these up, it can be availed as a Cloud Platform all setup and ready to use or you can avail support from our team to setup such infrastructure in your Servers, Once the tool setup is done, there will be some efforts to define the use cases and governance for new tools, and these will also be driven by your needs, and based on our experience, we have mostly seen positive responses (in terms of ROI) after such efforts.
eaDocX is much simpler to implement, as it is installed as an add-in and then your team can simply create documents using familiar Word controls to set Formats and styles. That means your model content looks just like the documents your stakeholders are used to - rather than looking like generated documents. And integrating document reviews is simple with Revision Manager. So, there's much less ceremony and set up than Prolaborate - which means it may be easier to justify for a smaller/mid-sized project.

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