Proposed approach to combine JIRA and EA using Prolaborate in agile world

By Jacek Woynarowski Business Solution Architect

Currently, everything should be agile, fast and should not involve too much time and effort. Is this really a good direction? Or maybe we should not give up our good habits and skills. Let's see what happens if we combine the classic approach with the agile one - is it at odds? I will try to show that not necessarily. What's more, both can draw from each other. It is important to use good tools such as Prolaborate, which combines these features

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Proposed approach to combine JIRA and EA using Prolaborate in agile world (PDF)

Questions and Answers

Backlog refers form JIRA to particular object. Architecture is made totally in EA using Archimate
This is wider question, but simple answer is - I present always actual version of truth of my model. and all changes are available as a metrics for each object in LD.
Earlier in the week there was discussion about baselines and Time Aware Models
Change management, and keeping track of versions is always a wider discussion, there are several approaches, however we have seen good success for most architecture practices with the inbuilt baselines and RAS. Except for firms working on Code generation from models (where you need a GIT or SVN), this has always worked. Please refer this video
All the prices are available on sparxystems page. I'll always refer to it. The main part makes PCS unfortunately this is only way to integrate with EA repositories. There is a license with tokens of PCS and in such small team it will work!

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Jacek Woynarowski

Business Solution Architect