Only Connect

By Ian Mitchell Sparx Partner and EADOCX Founder

“Getting traceability” is the most popular EA requirement. But it’s not as simple as just connecting two things together on a diagram. This session will explore some of the different ways that EA lets us create and view traceability information, and also how our decisions on HOW we do that will hugely affect the value of our models.

This is a tutorial topic, for new and experienced EA modellers. The session will look at the most popular ways of documenting and viewing traceability, and also suggest some simple techniques to use, and some to avoid. It will also look at multi-step traceability, ideas of ‘virtual connectors’ and if time permits, some of the non-EA tools we can use to view complex traceability information.

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Questions and Answers

Maybe. If it contained elements related via Tagged values, then there would be no connector on the diagram, which might make them look a bit strange. Maybe if they appeared using a different kind of 'virtual connector', that would be helpful. @Sparx - any ideas ?
In out-of-the-box EA - generally no. Model Expert will let you create and apply rules like that.

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Ian Mitchell

Sparx Partner and EADOCX Founder