Model Maturity Model Integration

By Peter Lieber SparxSystems Central Europe

Related to the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) we defined MMMI (Model Maturity Model Integration) – so in organizations there are 5 Levels: Level 0: No Model, Level 1: My, Myself and I, Level 2: Collaboration, Level 3: Advanced Collaboration and Publication, Level 4: Regulation and Optimization. Peter will discuss all that levels to identify

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Depends on your domain - if you do Enterprise Architecture (and you want to use more repositories - I know a lot of companies that do not want to have that) then I would typically recommend to slice repositories by speed/lifetime. 1 Repo for the EAM, 1 for each solution/project - approach would be to define the expected outcome/impact on EAM - reuse parts of EAM in the solution/project and then feedback the capabilities/... infected by the solution/project at any defined time (e.g., in agile world as part of DoD (Definition of Done)) - but again - this is very individual. I have found a customer - who generates the EAM repository 100% automatically by feeding it from the solution repositories - as he does not want to have any human destroying the consistency.
If I have to write the first one - I will do Models are more stable than any other technology ever seen

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Peter Lieber

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"Enterprise Architect Evangelist Peter Lieber has been in the software industry since 1991. Since 2003 he has focused on Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect's way of modeling, which touches different domains and enthusiastically brings many aspects of modeling to all aspects of the life of companies and their visions and tasks."