LemonTree Components - Model Library for Product Line Engineering with Enterprise Architect

By Daniel Siegl LieberLieber Software GmbH

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Whenever you can define a custom diff and merge tool in a Version Control System - LemonTree will work.
Sorry we don't have that available at this time - but it is on our roadmap
I tired to answer that one online - I hope I got it right - I would be super happy to discuss in more detail in a short meeting
there is various ways to do this - an approach that is feasible to have "Published" components in a separate Repo - it all depends on the workflow you are aiming for - a personal discussion might be the best way forward
We have serveral options to combine this with ProCloud Server
A) Custom Integration (Work in Progress)
B) via Continous Integration/Build Server/Dev Ops
C) It will work on a Procloud Repo if you connect EA to the DB Directly
D) down the road there is a possiblity to have a web app on the procloud server - as LemonTree despite looking like a desktop app is all based on Web Technologie - e.g see LemonTree in a Browser here https://lemontreeserver.lieberlieber.com/lemontreeweb/
Also see the presentation Nizamand I did yesterday on Procloud/Prolaborate/Git/LemonTree solution

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