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Modeling based on Feature Branches

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We are merging full repositories not XMI Files - we are working on our own Model Slicing or Model Component Solution - if you want to discuss that feel free to contact us
We are not using an EA Instance - we read SQL.
Diffing three graphs is a heavy computational task and we always work on improving our performance. To give a statement about the performance, we have to consider multiply facts, not only the count of elements. We talk about the performance data very openly and publish performance measurements for each release here:
As an additional service and already implemented for numerous customers, LieberLieber offers extensions to SQL Server, Oracle, etc. LemonTree can then also run on the server with access via a web browser. The GUI in the browser is identical to the desktop version. Contact us today to get more information.
In the current public version yes - but we are working towards being able to version intelligent and potentially reusable "Model Components" - this means we can slice models into junks - if you want a Demo of that as we have some tricks in store how to manage such scenarios - feel free to contact us for a personal discussion welcome@lieberlieber.com
We already did a webinar to together with Intland, you can watch the recording here:
If you like to, we can arrange a meeting to demo the current version, which is also compatible with codeBeamer version 10.0
Yes, LemonTree Web as shown at the end of our presentation can support OLEDB and ODBC connected repositories! e.g you can compare SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and .eap(x) with LemonTree Web.
If you install TortoiseGit after LemonTree, the automatic integration does not work.
You can check this by going to the settings of TortoiseGit: Rightclick in the explorer > Settings > Merge Tool > Advanced.
If configured correctly, you should see two entries for eapx and eap:
If this is not the case, please uninstall both tools (LemonTree and TortoiseGit) and install them in the following order:
  1. TortoiseGit
  2. LemonTree
For more info about LemonTree, don't hesitate to contact welcome@lieberlieber.com. Additionally, you can check out our documentation of LemonTree, which includes FAQs, Performance Data, How To's for Integrations and many more topics:
You can use the inconsistency checker separately; it is a feature in the LemonTree EA addin. (see the attached image)
However, this is only a viewer and there is no tool to fix the inconsistencies as of now.
EA Addin is automatically installed during setup. It is included in version 2.5 or higher. Here are some more infos about the addin:
Please also check in EA -> Specialize -> Manage Add-Ins if the addin is installed correctly.
If not, please talk to your IT department and/or write us: support@lieberlieber.com
Yes, we are currently supporting C & C++. When setting up the Package with the "LL Embedded" Stereotype you will get a tagged value to select your target language. (this can even be changed on any package level). See:
As shown during the presentation the only Reverse Engineering we do is via Enterprise Architect. We implemented CodeSync which has its dedicated code parts which will be synchronices (and only to Opaque Code Model parts).

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Daniel Siegl

Business Development Guide

14 years with LieberLieber Software, he is today guiding Business Development of this software engineering company

Philipp Kalenda

IT Consultant and Software Developer

IT Consultant and Software Developer for model-based development at LieberLieber