Labnaf innovations for large scale enterprise visualizations and transformations

By Alain De Preter Founder of Labnaf | Orsolya Nemeth Consultant & Trainer, Sparx Systems Central Europe

Today, enterprise architecture is usually organized following empiric approximations that are inherited from the nineties and that are unfortunately leading to recurrent failures.

Labnaf features, instead, a precise and intuitive framework organization that is based on systems semantics, and that is used by

Prolaborate to provide enterprise analytics and visualization at large scale.

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There are 3 Labnaf tools: The Addin, the Labnaf PowerShell and the Language Transformer:

Labnaf Product Editions Descriptions (PDF)

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There is the labnaf web site:; The (very afforable) Udemy training courses;; The complete training catalog:

On the Labnaf Channel on YouTube, the is a video called "Where to find Labnaf documentation": Youtube
The dashboards in Sparx are readily available in the Startup Sparx repository and in the sSample prository provided with the Labnaf Corporate Edition of the AddIn. The Prolaborate database can be exported and send provided on demand (no additional cost). That is a Prolaborate feature.
The Lite version of the Labnaf Addin is limited to modeling only (but any language construct), max 1000 elements (that is already a lot, isn't it?), Access databases. So productivity tools and shared RDBMS are paid. The non-Lite version also come with a richer startup repository,including dashboards for example.
The visualization are Prolaborate using Labnaf content, repository structure, metamodel and generated diagrams. Some call this "Labnaborate" smile
The Labnaf Trial version is accessible from the Udemy training courses #2 and 3, as it is needed for the hands-ons.
$19.99 for a training course. Obviously, I don't make money with this smile
You can also download it directly using this link:
Hello Mario. This is inspired by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and the "Bimodel" from Gartner. You will find more details and links here in the Labnaf glossary:
You can also look at the Labnaf conceptual model:

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Alain De Preter

Founder of Labnaf

Alain De Preter is the founder of Labnaf, an innovative software and architecture framework engineering company helping its customers intuitively understand their organization, envision its future and plan transformations using multi-dimensional visualization, analysis, and highly automated modeling software

Orsolya Nemeth

Consultant & Trainer, Sparx Systems Central Europe

Orsolya Nemeth has been working as a professional trainer for more than 10 years, 7 of which as a senior trainer in the field of business software solutions. Since 2017, Orsolya Nemeth complements the team of Sparx Systems and Sparx Services Central Europe as a consultant and trainer in key domains such as insurance, bank and retail.