Labnaf Data Enrichment, KPIs and Trends Calculations for Portfolios, Risk Analysis, Strategic Planning and Governance Dashboards

By Alain De Preter Founder of Labnaf | Orsolya Nemeth Sparx Systems Central Europe

Presentation of CIO’s digital enterprise management cockpit that summarizes KPIs from different angles, then dive into more detailed dashboards including capability heat maps, systems’ availability, application lifecycle, 360° view on sensible information usage, strategic planning, project governance etc. Explain how data feeds dashboards using the unified metamodel, virtual catalogs, rule-based imports, implicit connectors generation, implicit properties generation, cascaded calculations, diagram generation, time series consolidations, time series chart generation, Labnaf scripting and scheduling.

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Speakers Bio


Alain De Preter

Founder of Labnaf


Orsolya Nemeth

Sparx Systems CE