Introducing Prolaborate 4.0

By Madhavanarayanan R Product Management, Sparx Systems Prolaborate

The Next-Gen Prolaborate is here! Get an exclusive first look at the all-new and amazing Prolaborate 4.0

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most certainly yes, you can use the Form Designer (MDG Technology Based) and design the form which will constitute the major part of the overview page,
While you can edit any textual information or tags in Prolaborate, diagram edits and other modeling activities are restricted only to EA as of now
Also, you can edit diagrams from Prolaborate using the EA SaaS offering. Please refer to the video
Confluence integration will be released as part of V4.1
As of now, you can click on this icon to look at the list of connectors and then on Properties to see the details
This is an overview of the new features of Prolaborate, however iif you'd like a introduction of Prolaborate , please refer to the webinar
If you are already on V4.2.65 (released on April 2021), an upgrade is not needed
Discussions raised in Prolaborate can be viewed easily in EA using the Prolaborate add-in.
Please learn more from this link.
Hi Omkar, Diagram editing is a function of EA Application, however to make it easy for process modellers to edit diagram from Proalborate we have introduced the edit using EA SaaS feature, please refer to the Video.

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Madhavanarayanan R

Product Management, Sparx Systems Prolaborate