Importing Data From Excel and Word Documents

By Santhosh Kalaiyarasu Sparx Systems India | Suresh Jayakumar Sparx Systems India

Using Workspaces, Customizing Ribbon Sets, Selecting Perspectives, MDG Selection and the most important windows for better modelling

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Synchronization is useful if you intend to use the same imported spreadsheet to update and reimport later, if Synch is enabled, the changes will be updated, and only new elements will be created.
It should be manually enabled each time while importing by clicking "Enable Synchronization" in both Excel and word importer.
Shown now in Word Import Profile definition, the tags are mapped manually by typing the tag names, to keep it easier, if the column names are same as tag names, you can say 'auto Fill Columns' the importer (once you mapped all other fields)
Import is like XMI import, you cant undo, however its recommended to take a baseline before import / synch to ensure you are able to rollback
Once Synchronization is enabled in the first import, the document will be updated with GUIDs, and you any subsequent import from the same Excel (as master file) with changes to elements or connectors or tagged values will be updated in the model,
At the moment Stereotype is a Text (free text) field and so you can type the Stereotype Name or FQ Stereotype Name to import, the tagged values are manually typed in for now
If you reimport the source file again, the importer will identify the changes in the source file and import the changes, however there is not auto-synch if the files are modified.
The elements once created in EA won't be identifieable as an imported element, the only place where there is a link between the element and the Excel is in the Excel (Column A inserted by importer) where the GUIDs are updated.
Office integration is a simple plugin to allow quick and easy import from Excel or Word into any EA Project or to quickly generate Excel Export from Model, Modelflow is a comprehensive Model governance utility which also includes some ability to import from Excel.

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