How to dig for the new gold with an AI buddy?

By Peter Lieber SparxSystems Central Europe

Principiles from 1953++ adapted for nowadays needs – achievable only with architecture (using EA of course)

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I've experimented with doing this and it works. Also had some success with BPMN & ArchiMate. Yes it works fine. PlantUML has a nice commandline capability to transform stuff into xml - (starUML is better then Argo - as it is better compatible)
I used the crome browser and grabbed the last @startuml and then transformed into xml
It is not important for which domain you are generating uml models (insurance, automotive, space, banks, ...)
It was all pure chatgpt
Will wait for inputs, however having done a fair bit of research, we firmly believe EAs role will become even more mainstream, but they'll focus on core value creation, than presentations and just drawing A3 diagrams. is a preview of how a good Architecture model will change the way your users will interact and get insights, and why AI will make EA's role even more important

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Peter Lieber

SparxSystems Central Europe