Generative AI in Prolaborate

By Nizam Mohamed Prolaborate Product Owner

This session will introduce the new AI capabilities in Prolaborate that will help an Enterprise Architecture team maximize its efficiency.Join this session to see how the AI-powered tools available in Prolaborate may assist architects in obtaining insights and identifying patterns from complicated Enterprise Architecture Models.The session will demonstrate the capabilities of the platform to
  • Obtain Insights from Model by using Natural language
  • Use the power of the trained Generative AI assistant to interpret complex models and diagrams to provide all required responses
  • Generate Elaborate documentation for your Architecture models using plethora of intelligence in the Generative AI world
  • Architecture Content Generation and validation to ensure the information in your Architecture landscape is accurate

Session Recording

Questions and Answers

Early access will be provided based on the interest and this will be included in Prolaborate's future major release.
There are private models that we can use. Amazon SageMaker and Azure Open AI both provide these services.
That should be possible, we can do it from Prolaborate now, we will have this as a usecase to implement, Will keep you updated.
There are no additional efforts to train it. As users develop models the engine reads it and gets trained. The only additional effort will be to may be load all the documents (PDFs, Documents, etc). We are trying to reduce this effort too by loading contents from a SharePoint Library or Confluence library.
Diagram generation will be one of the usecases we will be focusing on, we have already tested that its possible, Peter Liebereven demonstrated this for Class diagrams. but making it part of the model will be something to explore more
The Configuration part is done in the Prolaborate Part for now.
very good suggestion, as I mentioned the Documentation assistant just opened up a world of opportunities, with the Genie now able to understand the metamodel and model contents, quality check should definitely be possible. It should be able to highlight if something is not connected the right way (incorrect connector, incorrect type, etc).We will work on this and keep you updated.
yes, this is in plan, including Genie assistant to create element from Prolaborate. This can identify the type of element and its properties even to the relationships/connectors its need to create from the natural language.

Speakers Bio


Mohamed Nizam

Prolaborate Product Owner