Find your best process with the Process Flow Diagram

By Takeshi KOUNO CEO of Sparx Systems Japan

In Japan, there is a notation called “Process Flow Diagram” (PFD) to visualize and manage the system/software development process. By using PFD, we can find and define the best process.In this session I will introduce the features and main rules of the PFD. Then, I will give you steps to define your best process with PFD.

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Questions and Answers

It might be different, but it is worth to checking the SPEM 2.0.
If I understand the current situation correctly, there is no detailed text and/or book other than Japanese. So I am interested in its demand outside Japan. If more people want to know, I will write or translate more rules and notations about PFD.
Currently, no. If we try to use Enterprise Architect simulation feature, it does not work because EA cannot find the 'Start' of the process. (And this is reasonable because PFD has no order information.)
You are very correct. PFD's main objective is simple and easy to understand because in the situation when he (Mr. Shimizu) joined a project there is no time to learn a new notation. So, PFD must be understandable to everyone and many additional points (e.g., conditional flows) have been removed. So, if you need more information in a visuallized process, it is nice option to use other notations like BPMN. It is also an option to switch from PFD to BPMN or other notations after understainding the imporance to share a process.

Speakers Bio


Takeshi KOUNO

Founder and CEO of Sparx Systems Japan