Enterprise Class Eco System Demo Party

By Daniel Siegl Business Development at LieberLieber Software GmbH | Mohamed Nizam Prolaborate Product Owner | Dr.Istvan Rath IncQuery Group

In this session we will show you how the various offerings in the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Eco System can give you the best modeling workflows on the planet.
We will showcase how to change models with GitHub Flow, review and comment model changes with Prolaborate and validate your modeling using the IncQuery Validator – and finally approve change with the concept of pull requests!

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Questions and Answers

Not at all works with Azure Devops, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Teamcity, RTC, PTC Lifecycle Manager - we call it Backend Agnostic
It can merge also with MSSQL, Oracle or mySql but the overall process needs more considerations than the simple process with a VCS System
You need LemonTree for Diff/Merge - I am not so into modelhub
In what dimension? Generally we have yet to see a real limit!It is a different style - you generally work more with 1 Model for 1 Project
300 MB is no problem - don't forget you can remove the baselines and compact it nicely.You can run ModelCheck.exe from here to get an Idea on your Model: https://github.com/LieberLieber/LemonTree.Pipeline.Tools
Currently I think a 1:1 meeting with me is the most efficent way to bring you up to speed on how to combine the tools reach me out to welcome@lieberlieber.com
Nizam Mohamed : You can also reach to nizam@prolaborate.com if you'd like to explore Prolaborate usecases.To learn more about Prolaborate please visit
Features, also check this Prolaborate 5 Features

Speakers Bio


Daniel Siegl

Business Development at LieberLieber Software GmbH


Mohamed Nizam

Prolaborate Product Owner


Dr.Istvan Rath

IncQuery Group