Model Management

By Ian Mitchell Sparx partner, Model Expert and eaDocX Product Owner

The challenge of maintaining model quality and consistency grows exponentially as our models and modelling teams grow. This presentation will offer an approach to find and fix problems, and help your team model right first time.

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Model Management for EA Global Summit 2020 (PDF)

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Questions and Answers

No. There is no workflow in Model Expert. We looked at this, and decided it was too variable between organisations.
We can save all the errors as elements. I can't remember if we save the total value. Don't want to start writing data into the main model.
I must say now that I'm a mechanical engineer, not a CompSci person. I just divide the number of nodes by the number of links. It's quite a good measure
Each time you check a diagram, we create a copy of the diagram, with all the 'errors'. There is also an option to show these as a list, and save that list in EA as elements.
I think the GetLost model is on the eaDocX website - somewhere. but it is much more fun to use it on your own models.
Please email me at, and I will try to put you in touch with the team who are doing this. I'm sure they will be happy to help
Drop a mail to and we can give you more information. Here’s an outline of contents
They are independent, but can obviously be connected through your governance process

Speaker Bio


Ian Mitchell

Sparx partner, Model Expert and eaDocx Product Owner

Ian is a Sparx partner who has been teaching and consulting in business analysis and architecture using EA for many years. He writes the EA extensions eaDocX and Model Expert.