EA as SaaS to enable Cloud First strategy

By Nizam Mohamed Prolaborate Product Owner

"As part of their digital transformation strategy, organisations all over the world are rapidly replacing their legacy On Premise Data Centers with more flexible and adaptable cloud alternatives. Teams can start using the Sparx Architecture platform on Cloud and transfer effortlessly to the cloud solution thanks to the EA SaaS offering. EA Saas is the cloud-based variant of the popular and reputed Sparx Enterprise Architect (Sparx EA) modeling tool. Users can sign up for the EA SaaS and begin working virtually immediately. Nizam will demonstrate the EA Saas offering in this session and go over how it can be used by both the existing and new Sparx EA teams"

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Hi martin.gilbey , Its as normal as the EA thick client installed in the local machine, EA SaaS supports all the MDG Addin's and Sparx Supported 3rd party integrations .
I've used EA SaaS and can cofirm that it works very well and is very fast. It solves the problem of IT departments not wanting to load specialized software on PCs. It eliminates latency that occurs with shared models in the cloud, particularly with large imports and exports.
Mcfadden, Shawn Thanks for the wonderful comment and support.
Hi Lee Ted (IFAG ATV MC PD CD CS), Yes, all the Sparx supported MDGs will be supported in the EA SaaS as well. It’s as normal as the EA thick client installed in the local machine but as a cloud offering, so things that EA supports in the normal thick client will also be supported in the SaaS Offerings.
Yes Lee Ted (IFAG ATV MC PD CD CS), You can do all MDG related updates, creation and get that imported into EA repositories from the SaaS offering itself.
EA SaaS is a variant of the EA application, and we don't see one replacing the other. Users can choose one over the other based on their requirement.
A license management server is setup for each SaaS setup, and your requested licenses and rule will be applied on it.
Yes you can use the scripting library in EA SaaS
Hi John Lamb yes we can support you with EA SaaS migration and Prolaborate migration together. Please drop a note to our team, support@prolaborate.com and we'll assist
Whilst EA doesn't have a framework to support CMMC yet, I did a quick check and we should be able to model it in Sparx EA (and EA SaaS)
are you referring to a web based modeller to replace Sparx EA, Whilst we cant comment on it, i don't expect anything like that in near future!

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Nizam Mohamed

Prolaborate Product Owner