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By Phil Chudley Dunstan Thomas

Many organisations work in multiple teams utilising shared assets for individual teams as well as global assets shared by all teams. If a single repository is used for all teams and all assets, controlling visibility and access to these assets becomes very problematic. Although not a new feature of Enterprise Architect, the Reusable Asset Service (RAS), provides a solution to managing assets for multiple teams. This presentation describes the issues with sharing assets in a single repository and the solution using a RAS. The description of the RAS will describe the infrastructure required as well as the structure and use of a RAS. The presentation will conclude with a demonstration of multiple projects using a single RAS. This demonstration will be presented using EA version 16 64 bit.

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There is an option on the Connector section that will output all tagged values, otherwise insert a field and choose ValueOf, then enter the name of the tagged value you wish to publish
What I did for a client, was to analyse one of their in-house documents. Identify the sections, font styles table styles, etc. Determine where data can be extracted from EA, then create a family of templates / style sheets / cover page etc and then model the document using Master / Model Documents
Document version history is not directly possible, the only method is to generate to a different file name for each generation. Sorry cannot be more positive.
Yes, either in a table of directly into the Header / Footer. Select Edit -> Embed Picture ... from the Template editor ribbon.
Its a Model Document diagram available in the EA Documentation MDG
I will have to research that as I don't use Custom Documents myself. I would assume that as a custom document is an element, Then it will be part of the repository. One possibility is to use a separate model root for Custom Document elements, and then you will be able to export only your model

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