Collaborative Tools For Working Together

By Scott Hebbard Communications Manager, Sparx Systems Pty Ltd

Take a look at the new Inspector and Collaborate windows, perhaps dynamic charts and highlight a few new collaboration features with the PCS in more detail.

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Yes EA and the Pro Cloud Server has built in integration with IBM DOORS NG (pre NG DOORS supported by a free add-in), as well as tools like Microfocus ALM, Service Now and many more, see
No, WebEA works independently of any Sparx EA License. So, the idea would be to have a bunch of EA licenses for the modellers, then the rest of the team who wish to consume and review the model, they would use the unlimited WebEA's that come with the Pro Cloud Server License.
WebEA allows a limited set of element creation, you can edit notes and element names, contribute to discussions and reviews etc. however there is no diagram editing feature in WebEA
Sparx would suggested 4x EA Corporate edition licenses, with those you can download the Pro Cloud Server for free. The Pro Cloud Server can make it extremely quick to create a fire-bird model that is easily shared between all parties, regardless of if they are on the same network or not (local or remote users) alternatively you can easily create a MySQL database and do the same.
Firebird is easier to setup however MySQL is a little more robust. Alternatively, you can use MS SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres regardless you can migrate your model between different DBMS providers at any time

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Scott Hebbard

Communications Manager, Sparx Systems Pty Ltd