CodeBot UX Generate code from EA wireframes

By Doug Rosenberg Founder and CTO of Parallel Agile

Learn how to generate database access APIs from a domain model, to generate functional UI code from EA wireframes, and how to link the screens to the database API.

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CodeBot UX (PPTX)

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There is a sample model on the website. It's an exported xmi file, but you should be able to import it into an empty EA model.
Another possibility is to define "extension points", e.g. so you could define your own Express.js "middleware functions" from a different folder, so they're not overwritten by subsequent code generations.
Swagger docs are automatically done, and they connect to the auto-hosted API for immediate testing. "Try it now" button in Swagger is active.
CodeBot also generates JSON Schema documents from the domain model, so these can be used to validate incoming data to the API. They can of course also be used elsewhere in your project if needed.

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Doug Rosenberg

Founder and CTO of Parallel Agile

Doug Rosenberg is Founder and CTO of Parallel Agile and author of Parallel Agile - faster delivery, fewer defects, lower cost. He was previously CEO of ICONIX