Cloud Migration using EA, Prolaborate, and TOGAF© ADM

By Ramsay Millar Sparx Systems Global Partner

I invite you to watch over my shoulder and to learn effective best practices to deliver your next transformation project. Discover how to migrate legacy applications to rehost on AWS or Microsoft Azure DevSecOps, Office 365, and NIST Cyber Security requirements. Ill share a practical approach to leverage architecture development methods to deliver the architecture vision, business, application, data, and technology using stakeholder analysis, gap analysis, roadmaps, application dashboards to assist stakeholders to make tolerate, invest, eliminate, and migrate decisions that make your practice successful.

Ill share what Ive learned on how to use EA 15.2 tightly coupled with many game changing Prolaborate/PCS features to collaborate, review, approve to manage complex architecture deliverables for stakeholders to create value, reduce risk that demonstrate transformation alignment between business leaders and IT SMEs.

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Ramsay Millar

Sparx Systems Global Partner