Capability-Based Business Architecture Transformation at PayPal

By Chris Armstrong Sparx Systems North America | Mahesh Keswani PayPal, Inc.

As with many organizations, PayPal is looking to simplify the core applications that run their business and integrate acquired companies into those core applications. Those applications are grouped into different, internal platforms that represent shared services that are used by their commercial products delivered via their website, mobile applications, and merchant APIs. Executive management required a business-oriented lens to understand the current state, inform planning and funding, and track progress towards the target architecture. The Enterprise Architecture practices at PayPal responded by working with executive stakeholders and platform teams to synthesize a capability-based view of their common and foundational platforms to support this enterprise-wide transformation effort. This presentation will review the approach the EA team employed, initial outcomes, and continuing plans.

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Chris Armstrong

Sparx Systems North America

Chief Architect Sparx Services North America

Mahesh Keswani

PayPal, Inc.

Business Architecture Transformation Leader,