Build Better Systems better using Digital Engineering

By Giu Platania Principal Architect, Sparx Services north America

Digital Engineering is the key element of an emerging paradigm: “Rather than just building better systems, it builds systems better”. Architects need to embrace this disruptive agility in order to remain competitive in an ever-innovating global business environment. Digital engineering is a fundamental part of the US government’s architecture and modern systems development methodology. Giu will be sharing his experience working with one of the leading government research organizations over the past year to demonstrate the role architecture can play in making digital engineering successful.

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Questions and Answers

We decided for sake of time not to give a live demo, hoever you can download the code from github
as I said it depend on the initial level of Object oriented understanding of your team. assuming that they start from zero we will have a mentoring and training program for them to bring them up to speed
thank you Long, Anthony (FAA), the use case is transformed into a controller class. if the use case has activities each of those activities will be translated into an UML::Operation.
after that you can transform them into code (in the specific are python classes
EA out of the box can provide a lot including:
  • 50 modeling languages
  • Model to model transformations
  • code generation in 10+ languages
  • collaboration on models
  • .. . and so on

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Giu Platania

Principal Architect, Sparx Services north America