Application Portfolio Management (APM) using Sparx APM Suite

By Nizam Mohamed Prolaborate Product Owner

APM is a major architecture use case , a unified view of the Applications is essential to provide the necessary insights to monitor IT investments, risks, obsolescence, Total cost of ownership , deployment type and much more. This session will go over a structured approach, complete with pre-defined templates (to load data from Excel and other sources), tools, and dashboards, that is available in the Sparx Platform to assist teams in getting started with APM and providing the necessary insights to stakeholders.

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Questions and Answers

sure it can be extended, but that might be on a case by case basis, we shall discuss this in more detail if required, please drop a note to
yes, the integration is possible, there are very detailed CSDM based ServiceNow Integrations available for users to start with.
It can be included in an existing repository too. but will require some impact analysis.
You mean the Metamodel updates? most of the stereotype / tag updates will happen automatically. However, some of the updates requires manual updates, we are working on some scripts to do these too. can be done on request too.
Yes, data refreshes are handled smoothly, even diagram creation will handle updates. However we are continuously developing too, any feedback will be incorporated.
Time Aware Modeling could be a good way to manage multiple Versions, Tom O'Reilly also indicated that there are some enhancements in the TAM in the upcoming builds too. However change management in EA is a broader topic too, we can share the slides on Change Management if that will be of interest to you. Please drop a note to
The Accelerator also includes Prolaborate dashboards, that can be loaded to your environment, and once the EA model is mapped, the dashboards will automatically show the contents.
The Prolaborate dashboards are pre-configured against EA packages, so once the packages are loaded with Applications and other contents, it will be instantly published.
In an EA Diagram the colors are applied based on legends. Please drag and drop the Diagram legends to the diagram, and enable 'Auto Color' to see colors. Using MDG color configuration in Prolaborate colors can be set across model for tagged values
The metamodel / MDG is fully configurable, and so are the dashboards, if you already have a metamodel and MDG, you can definitely try to see how some of the implementations are done in the APM template (like LIfecycle dates, etc) and incorporate them into yours. The Prolaborate dashboards could then be configured on your MDG too.We can have a call to discuss this too, please drop me a note to
Combining LeanIX and EA is something that we've seen a good number of teams doing, a lot of what we've shown might be familiar to you, but its possible to have the metamodel implemented in EA, so that the imported items are intact and also used in the right way if mapped to Prolaborate, etc.

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Mohamed Nizam

Prolaborate Product Owner