Advanced data modelling with IDEA

By Bert Dingemans Independent Architect, EAxpertise

IDEA is an Open Source Add-on for Enterprise Architect based on feature requests from a small community of organizations. In this session you are going to install the Add-on on your own laptop and learn how to use the functions effectively.
Below is a short list of topics:
  • Deduplication
  • Release Management
  • Advanced reporting in both Docx and HTML and a combination of the two
  • Team Aware Modeling
  • Diagram Helpers ("ArchiMaid" and "No Data Fault")
  • Mapper functionalities,
  • Web application generator and
  • Modeling a Three Layer Data Model.

Session Recording


IDEA Data modeling in EA (PDF) IDEA Global Summit 2020 (EAP)

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Questions and Answers

Yes it does, from 12 onwards
We have a similar de-duplication feature in Model Expert, but it's not such a full solution
ArchiMate is for modeling not only data but also other concepts, it is a true enterprise architect modeling language, and that is the scope. Due to the formal notation of the language it is very powerfull in modeling from business goals all the way to equipment, material and hardware
The sample repo is in the setup, when you install the addon it is in the same folder. Direct link is
No, it does not and there are some challenges with the version numbers
That is currently not available, maybe this is possible using scripts in EA or do something with dataset logic in dotnet. Interesting idea to put this in IDEA.
Yes, actually the mappings are the basis for this. At NS, we use this to create documentation and ETL statements based on these mappings
The naming schema is the template form example detail of list.aspx and then there are two querystring elements, one is the form definition in the formfactory and the other one is the id or the UID in EA
The linked document is currently not included, I have to research a little how this is possible.
What elements are displayed on a page depends on the select statements you are using. Here you can filter out all the irrelevant items or change the order etc

Speaker Bio


Bert Dingemans

Independent Architect, EAxpertise

Bert is an independent Data Architect who is using Enterprise Architect for all his modelling activities.