Accelerating Digital Twin Creation: Harnessing Industry Models for Transformation

By Giu Platania Door Business Consulting

Join us for an engaging conference speech that delves into the power of industry models in creating impactful digital twins. Discover practical step-by-step instructions on adapting industry models to your organization - taking the teleCom model of the TM forum as an example - enabling rapid and efficient development of a functional digital twin. Learn how to leverage industry expertise and apply hands-on techniques using Sparx EA to accelerate your digital transformation journey. Gain insights, inspiration, and actionable strategies to unlock the full potential of digital twins and drive innovation in your organization.

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Questions and Answers

Interesting assertion, which leads to the question of what is the definition of a Digital Twin. Giu Platania seemed to take the approach of the equivalent of a Turing test.
The graphana dashboard is an example of Digital Twin monitor, as such, need to be coming from a Authorities Source Of Truth, in this case it's the EA repository
Initially I used SysML and OpenModelica, but then I decided to present built-in capabilities of EA. Open Modelica is extremely powerful but would require a complete separate presentation

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Giu Platania

Door Business Consulting