3 classic difficulties when trying to implement SparxEA in your organization (Spanish)

By Gustavo J. Sabio proagile S.A

”Along our experience working with several companies and institutions, we have noticed that some complications are repeated in the implementation process of the SparxEA solution. This sometimes happens because we do not have a working model that allows a gradual and incremental incorporation of the solution, taking into account the type of organization and its maturity stage at the moment of starting the implementation. We will see 3 recurring difficulties and how to solve them:
  • Inconveniences to reuse all existing information.
  • Impossibility of keeping the models updated over time
  • Poor collaboration between the modelers and the rest of the stakeholders.
We will share real cases and ways in which these difficulties were successfully solved.”

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Gustavo J. Sabio

proagile S.A