Sparx Systems Ecosystem - Trends and Developments in the Post-Covid Era

By Tom O' Reilly Chief Operations Officer, Sparx Systems Pty Ltd

Sparx Systems has been a market leader for more than 22 years by watching the market trends closely. Since the main COVID waves we have witnessed significant changes in the way people work with a considerable shift towards remote working - forcing that 'digital transformation' everyone has been searching for.
In this session we will discuss the features of Enterprise Architect 16 that facilitate collaborative modeling, advancements in Pro Cloud Server to enable a seamless integrated platform, revamp and redesign of Prolaborate to foster Collaboration and Sharing.
Further to that we will look into the new EA SaaS offering, a fully cloud-based, ready-to-use platform that enables customers to start their architecture journey on the cloud or transition their current infrastructure to the cloud.

Session Recording

Questions and Answers

There aren't trials available for integrations, but users can try with a very minimal investment (few PCS tokens)
Yes, it is, it is the fully functional desktop version of enterprise architect delivered via a browser
Please see our sister and Service partners around the world for professional services.
The final feature is yet to be confirmed, but this should be supported.
There should be enhancements coming down the line, but you should also look at Prolaborate for improves graphs and dashboards

Speaker Bio


Tom O' Reilly

Chief Operations Officer, Sparx System Pty Ltd