Model based software architecture and design for embedded systems

By Karan Mundhra Technical Lead – Software Development, Infineon Technologies Private Limited

The session would focus on deployment of Sparx Enterprise Architect for an automotive software development project. It would also highlight the features of Enterprise Architect that are used in our solution. Integration EA with other tools, challenges and long-term advantages in switching to model based development would be also presented

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We use JAMA for requirements management. You can check their website for more details
Towards python for all generations. Idea is to connect to EA DB in a headless mode using the python interface. Parse the model with python interface and generate new outputs (like xls, xml) using python. Moving away from DLLs (c#). There is nothing wrong with DLLs(C#) with EA15 its even more easier.
We don't have anything concrete now. Working with one of the Sparxs partners on this topic. Idea is for a file based system for the model.
For merging two EAP file, I believe there is already a solution available. Check the session on Lemon Tree by LieberLieber. The idea is not have a eap file in GIT, but a lot of small files mapping to packages in the UML model.
Once a change is made to specific package, then a specific file is updated to GIT.
Any xml generation is possible. If the data is modelled properly and consistently generating the xml is possible. I would say generating the xml is the easy part (either though Jscripts or EA addins). The ports (Provided/Required interface) that you add can be easily fetched. They are sub-elements of component element. The provided and required interface are linked to the actual interface. The classifier of the provided interface would point to an actual interface. Once you reach the interface it can be generated in any form.
These DLLs are specially developed for our environment and use case.

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Karan Mundhra

Technical Lead – Software Development, Infineon Technologies Private Limited