Meta Modelling

By Dr. Horst Kargl Trainer, Consultant and Author, Sparx Systems Central Europe

How to succeed with your modelling approach. This workshop will talk about Metamodel Constraints in EA and how they can be solved with extensions of available features.

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It is possible to write OCL rules and EA will check the syntax of these OCL rules, but the OCL rule is not applied on the model in order to proof it. This is what you can do with the EA API. With additional Extensions and when you use C# as language, you can get really close to an OCL syntax.
Both is possible, if you write model validation rules and implement the call back functions from the Model Validation Example, the validation impl is triggered from the Validation Engine but you can also implement other call back functions like contextItemModified or PostNewConnector or PreNewConnector in order to validate the model on the fly
Yes, you can extend any existing Profile. My suggestion is to also use View Specification instead of new Diagram Types in order to get the same graphical representation of the existing modelling language. I will show an example in Part 2 of "How to succeed with your modelling approach"
It will be hosted as public presentation in the Webinar Series of Sparx Systems HQ.
Yes, this should also be possible with the help of owner constraint and ownedAttribute constraint.

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Dr. Horst Kargl

Trainer, Consultant and Author, Sparx Systems Central Europe

Dr. Horst Kargl, Trainer, Consultant and author, has been working with OO-modelling since 2000, joining SparxSystems in 2008. His focus is on software architecture, code generation and the customization and extension possibilities of Enterprise Architect.