HTML Publishing in EA

By Bert Dingemans Independent Architect, EAxpertise

HTML generation in EA is basic. Often organizations want to have a simple approach on generating configurable HTML generation. In this session we are discussing two different approaches. One is a highly configurable static HTML generator with extensive options for layout modifications. The second is the Web Publication Platform an AddOn for extracting models from a repository.

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HTML Publishing in EA (PDF)

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The naming schema is the template form example detail of list.aspx and then there are two query string elements, one is the form definition in the formfactory and the other one is the id or the uid in EA.
The linked document is currently not included, I have to research a little how this is possible. What elements are displayed on a page depends on the select statements you are using. Here you can filter out all the irrelevant items or change the order etc.

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Bert Dingemans

Independent Architect, EAxpertise

Bert is an independent Data Architect who is using Enterprise Architect for all his modelling activities.