EA Requirements / Use Case Masterclass

By Gillian Adens Director of Sparx Services UK (Hippo Software)

Learn how to capture, document and present requirements, understand how to create use case models, document scenarios and demonstrate traceability.

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Yes, if you initially generate an activity diagram from a use case scenario (even with just one textual step defined), you can then populate the activity diagram, then right-click in the scenario editor and choose to 'create structure from the generated activity diagram'. Likewise, if you change the textual steps in the scenario editor you can choose to overwrite the existing activity diagram or synchronize elements in the existing activity diagram.
No, the relationship is always a realization relationship from the use case to the requirement (this is the most popular choice). Other types of relationships can be created manually or you could setup a relationship matrix and add the relationships that way.
We don't have this model on our website. A video of the presentation will be available early next week. If you are keen to get a copy of the project file, please email me at gillian.adens@hippo-software.co.uk
A user story can create as a stereotyped version of a use case with appropriate custom properties. Alternatively, user story is available on the BIZBOK toolbox in EA as a stereotyped requirement. Generally, I think you would model either user stories or use cases (rather than both).
Directly from the relationship matrix Options button, you can print the matrix in various formats, save as a PNG or export to CSV to open in MS Excel. Alternatively, you can create a document template to extract a relationship matrix and its configuration properties (source, target, link type etc.) into a generated report and this can be created in HTML format.
John, any tagged values you have in the element will be displayed in the additional compartment - any tags that are simple formats like text, numbers, dates and enums work well. Even a RefGUID will work. Unfortunately, the larger text format "memo" just says <memo> in the tags compartment. It's basically the same as what gets displayed in the Tags tab of the Properties window in Sparx EA.

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Gillian Adens

Director of Sparx Services UK (Hippo Software)

"Gillian has a wealth of experience with Enterprise Architect, Prolaborate, ArchiMate, UML, SysML and BPMN"