EA 15.2 - Latest and the Greatest

By Tom O' Reilly Chief Operations Officer, Sparx System Pty Ltd

Key highlights of 15.2
  1. Working Together ‘In the Model’ – Seamless In-Model Collaboration, Setting Up Notifications
  2. New Collaborations Window – Stay in touch with your team at every moment with centralized communication via the Collaborations window
  3. Streamlined & Improved Reviews – A clearer, more intuitive interface for model-based reviews
  4. Explore and Visualize – All new tools for exploring your model, finding your work in progress and visualizing information
  5. Explore, Find, Trace and Revisit in Record Time – Power up model navigation and quickly find your work in progress
  6. Deep Dive into an Element’s Detailed Structure – A user friendly way to navigate the project browser while inspecting elements
  7. Huge New Library of Scriptable Dynamic Charts – Exciting new API classes and functions allow you to select chart types, set data and configure styling

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Questions and Answers

Confluence is also supported from Atlassian, Learn more about Jira Integration here and Confluence integration here.
The Beta process has just started, I encourage people to download and give the software a go. If any kinks are found, we will straighten them out before we do a final release.
We have an example model that is nearing completion that we will publish. Until then there are videos on the EA 15.2 beta page - alternatively you can download the beta and have a play too!
We are not sure if StateFlow (Mathworks) supports the full UML specification or not. Our current implementation is based off the OMG’s SysPhs specification and I understand that we will be adding more support above and beyond what is defined in SysPhs by the time we release.

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Tom O' Reilly

Chief Operations Officer, Sparx System Pty Ltd