Create Knowledge, Share Knowledge

By Roman Bretz Cosmino AG

  1. In the talk, we discuss the central value of modeling – creating and communicating knowledge.
  2. We are modeling not just for fun, but rather due to the value generated by modeling. When we better understand the mechanisms of modeling-value, we can focus on things that matter.
  3. Knowledge and access to knowledge is often the key to the success. Nowadays all of us need to process a huge amount of data and information, learn from it, and generate knowledge, which we again need to efficiently share between us. If a company has developed mechanisms to do the job well, the chance of being successful is big. Modeling is one of the possible mechanisms that can help in both tasks: generating and sharing knowledge. The big question is always – what really matters if you use modeling. In the talk, we will do our best to answer the question by going through theoretical stuff but also looking at some examples.

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Roman Bretz

Cosmino AG