Agile Systems Engineering with Enterprise Architect

By J D Baker Sparx Systems Pty Ltd

Executable models are the foundation of agile systems engineering. They provide a means for systems engineers to minimize the ambiguity prevalent in text-based specifications, along with the verification necessary to ensure specifications are complete, consistent, and correct.

The topic of agile systems engineering is growing in the current literature. INCOSE has an active working group focused on agile processes and agile systems. One significant contribution to the discussion is the book Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering Cookbook by Bruce Douglass. This book and what we have learned from the INCOSE working group are the basis for this presentation. Some of the recipes and all of the example model from the book have been implemented in Enterprise Architect.

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Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering Cookbook: Improve system development by applying proven recipes for effective agile systems engineering: Douglass, Bruce Powel: 9781838985837: AmazonSmile: Books
It is possible to create custom integrations with Pro Cloud Server. From my perspective I have not had a potential client request an integration with Rally. We can certainly use the User Story element in the Artifacts section of the Toolboxes to collect the text.

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J D Baker

Sparx Systems Ambassador

Sparx Systems Ambassador, representing the company at the Object Management Group and other standards organizations related to model-based systems and software engineering.